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November 2019


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This November 2019, Sarrasani Circus presents "Graf Story", a magical story that narrates the love triangle between an illusionist, a doll and a singer and immerses viewers in an amazing evening as they taste gourmet dishes made by the chef of the Miami International Center. A show that comes as a surprise to viewers from all over the world with its combination of poetry, magic, humor, joy and music that evoke the origins of the circus. At the Miami International Center (3663 NW 21 St. Miami FL 33142). Get your tickets by calling 202-669-4385.

The protagonists of this show

* Evgeniy Voroni | Illusionist of Ukraine / * Svetlana Perkhodova | Russian contortionist / * Melanie Stace | Singer from England

What is the Sarrasani Circus ?

The Sarrasani Circus was born when Hans Stosch escapes from his well-to-do house in Lomnitz, at the age of 15, to join an itinerant circus. Stosch, who started in 1888 as a clown with his poodle, in 1902 already presented the Sarrasani, the most modern circus in the world. The following years were expansion: functions throughout Europe, a building in Dresden, and a heritage of 400 animals. World War I decimated the circus. Sarrasani recovered in 1923, with Russian artists escaping the Bolshevik revolution, and set up a circus without a tent. But in 1932, after a fire in Antwerp, only debts remained. Sarrasani began to have problems with Hitler's government, and in 1934 the company embarked for Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Hans Stosch died that year in Sao Paulo, and his son, Hans Stosch Junior, took over the company.

Junior died young, in 1944. Trude, his widow, at age 28 had to transcend his number with horses and run the company. Also, deal with the Nazi regime, which came to stop her, along with Gabor Nemedi, the administrator, with whom she would marry later. Trude restarted from scratch, first as an equestrian artist and then with former track mates. In 1948, Perón and Evita attended the world re-run of the Sarrasani circus and two years later, on the initiative of the first lady, she was conferred the title of Argentine National Circus. Since then, the Sarrasani worked with intermitencias in Europe and in South America until in 1973, Trude and Nemedi decided to disarm it. The couple became friends with the architect Jorge Bernstein, well-known urban developer, who was sponsored and granted the legacy of the Sarrasani Circus for its continuity in the world.

This november, Miami recovers this emblematic history, being an unavoidable reference, a mirror for the circuses of the world. There have been and may exist new circuses, but Sarrasani has remained in history as an emblematic name, a sound that has appropriated an entire expressive genre, a magical voice that for the popular imagination is, simply, synonymous with circus.

the menu

Italian Sfoglia stuffed with marinated vegetables cooked in recoldo
First course

Recoldo is an iron plate where the vegetables are braised in a field oven. Spread with Philadelphia cheese and Parma ham, decorated with roasted arugula pesto made with toasted almonds and decorated with fresh organic basil leaves.

Eye Meat seared 5 hours in slow cooking (tied and pressed and then marinated).
Second course

Once braised, laqueado, in merlot wine sauce and cooking juice. Accompanied by rosti potato, gratinated with parmesan cheese in strands and clarified butter. Decorated with organic seasonal buds. Organic sprouts are the first herbs in the harvest of leafy vegetables, such as arugula, sorrel or parsley leaves.

Chocolate Marquise, cooked without flour in the oven and then cooled and molded

Accompanied by homemade cream ice cream. Patagonian red fruit salad: blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. Sautéed with chocolate ganache and decorated with fresh leaves of English mint.










3663 NW 21 St. Miami FL 33142 


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Sarrasani circus en buenos aires

In 2013 a circus show was premiered in Buenos Aires that has toured the great cultural cities of the world: Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and San Francisco. Brought by the mythical Sarrasani Circus, Graf Story arrives, a dinner-show that will take place in the Tattersall of Palermo, and that involves the 25 of the best European artists, accompanied by a sumptuous menu of the chefs of the complex.