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November 2019

the menu

This November 2019, Sarrasani Circus presents "Graf Story", a VARIETE GOURMET. This is the menu of gourmet dishes that you will taste, made by the chef of the Miami International Center.

Italian Sfoglia stuffed with marinated vegetables cooked in recoldo
First course

Recoldo is an iron plate where the vegetables are braised in a field oven. Spread with Philadelphia cheese and Parma ham, decorated with roasted arugula pesto made with toasted almonds and decorated with fresh organic basil leaves.

Eye Meat seared 5 hours in slow cooking (tied and pressed and then marinated).
Second course

Once braised, laqueado, in merlot wine sauce and cooking juice. Accompanied by rosti potato, gratinated with parmesan cheese in strands and clarified butter. Decorated with organic seasonal buds. Organic sprouts are the first herbs in the harvest of leafy vegetables, such as arugula, sorrel or parsley leaves.

Chocolate Marquise, cooked without flour in the oven and then cooled and molded

Accompanied by homemade cream ice cream. Patagonian red fruit salad: blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. Sautéed with chocolate ganache and decorated with fresh leaves of English mint.